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From: Johannes Brunen (JBrunen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-20 10:44:33


I have a little problem with linking a sample application using bbv2, VC7.1.
I got unresolved external symbols for some system library stuff.

E.g. example\MDIWindow\bin\msvc\release\MDIWindow.exe example\MDIWindow\bin\msvc\release\MDIWindow.rsp
ZincT.lib(w_winmgr.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__GetWindowLongA_at_8 referenced in function "public: static class ZafWindowObject * __cdecl ZafMSWindowsApp::ObjectFromHandle(struct HWND__ *)" (?ObjectFromHandle_at_ZafMSWindowsApp@@SAPAVZafWindowObject@@PAUHWND__@@@Z)

How can I link to these system libraries?
Using makefiles I always listed them. I this what I also have to do with bbv2?

My root jam file:
project-root ;

project zinc
: requirements <threading>multi
: requirements <define>WIN32
: requirements <define>CADdy


build-project znc ;
build-project example ;

My lib jam file:
project znc
: requirements <link>static
: source-location src
: usage-requirements <include>./inc

SOURCES = w_border w_button w_combo w_cursor w_dlgwin
w_dskfil w_dsp w_error w_error1 w_evtmgr
w_fildlg w_fmtstr w_gdidsp w_group w_hlist
w_htips w_i18n w_icon w_image w_imglst
w_keybrd w_loc w_max w_mdiwin w_min
w_mouse w_notebk w_plldn w_plldn1 w_popup
w_popup1 w_print w_prompt w_sclwin w_scrdsp
w_scrll w_spin w_status w_str w_sys
w_table w_table1 w_tbar w_text w_timer
w_title w_tree w_tree1 w_vlist w_window
w_winmgr w_winobj w_app1
z_app z_bmap z_bmap1 z_bnum z_bnum1
z_bnum2 z_border z_button z_chart z_combo
z_cset z_cset1 z_ctype z_data z_data1
z_data2 z_date z_date1 z_device z_dlgwin
z_dskfil z_dsp z_error z_error1 z_event
z_evtmgr z_fdata z_fdata1 z_fdata2 z_fildlg
z_file z_file1 z_fmtstr z_gmgr z_gmgr1
z_gmgr2 z_gmgr3 z_gmgr4 z_group z_help
z_help1 z_hlist z_htips z_i18n z_icon
z_icon1 z_idata z_image z_int z_int1
z_lang z_lang1 z_list z_list1 z_loc
z_max z_mdiwin z_min z_mouse z_msgwin
z_notebk z_notify z_pal z_plldn z_plldn1
z_popup z_popup1 z_prgrss z_print z_printf
z_prntf1 z_prompt z_prst z_prst1 z_prst2
z_prst3 z_real z_real1 z_region z_repstr
z_scanf z_sclwin z_scrll z_scrll1 z_spin
z_split z_status z_stdarg z_stdio z_stdlib
z_store z_store1 z_str z_str1 z_str2
z_stredt z_string z_sys z_table z_table1
z_table2 z_tbar z_text z_time z_time1
z_timer z_title z_tree z_tree1 z_unistd
z_utils z_utils1 z_utils2 z_utime z_utime1
z_vlist z_window z_winmgr z_winobj ;

lib Zinc : $(SOURCES).cxx : <include>inc <include>src ;
lib ZincT : $(SOURCES).cxx w_app.cxx : <include>inc <include>src ;

My example jam file:
project example ;

build-project MDIWindow ;

My MDIWindow jam file:
project MDIWindow ;

exe MDIWindow : MDIWIN.cxx /znc//ZincT ;

Another questen: Building the Zinc lib I got the following warnings: I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

warning: using independent target <pznc\bin\msvc\release\link-static>Zinc.rsp
msvc.archive znc\bin\msvc\release\link-static\Zinc.lib znc\bin\msvc\release\link-static\Zinc.rsp
msvc.compile.c++ znc\bin\msvc\release\link-static\w_app.obj
warning: using independent target <pznc\bin\msvc\release\link-static>ZincT.rsp
msvc.archive znc\bin\msvc\release\link-static\ZincT.lib znc\bin\msvc\release\link-static\ZincT.rsp
msvc.compile.c++ example\MDIWindow\bin\msvc\release\MDIWIN.obj
warning: using independent target <pexample\MDIWindow\bin\msvc\release>MDIWindow.rsp

With best regards



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