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From: Jurko Gospodnetiæ (jurko_for_boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-25 10:02:21

[This message was originally posted on last Friday, 22.10.2004.
but seems it did not manage to get through so I am resending it. I
apologize in case any of the topics mentioned here are outdated
by now...]

Hi all.

Just wanted to give a few minor but hopefully helpful tweaks for
the V2 manual and web pages.

1. On
there is a typo 'dublicates' which should read 'duplicates'.

2. On all V2 manual HTML pages there are problems with some
of the links on top.

Invalid links:
- 'Home' links to
(but does exist!)
- 'Libraries', 'People', and 'More' links.
- 'FAQ' link. (Should this be pointed to

3. I guess
has a slight typo where in the 'Alpha' milestone 'build' should be
spelled 'built'. Same near the beginning of
as well too many places throughout the documentation to list them
all here.

has some 'buggy text' under the first illustration. It says 'Because
there is no Jamfile in top/lib/, the projects in top/src/ and
top/util/foo/...' but there is not 'top/lib/' folder in that
illustration. I guess someone changed the text or the illustration
and they wound up out of sync.

has a typo 'relese' instead of 'release'. Also there is a typo 'two
two' where it should read only 'two'.

has a typo 'descibed' instead of 'described'.

7. I was wondering if the second example in
should perhaps read 'exe app : app.cpp /util/foo//lib2 ;' instead of
'exe app : app.cpp /util/foo//lib2 ../util/lib2//lib2 ;'.

8. In
- 'That information is passes back' should read ''That information
is passed back'.
- 'and there's ne need to explicitly' should read 'and there's no
need to explicitly'.
- 'are optional, but there's important restriction' should read 'are
optional, but there's an important restriction'.
- 'to pass four option' should read 'to pass four options'.

- 'It is also describe' should read 'It is also described' or even
better 'It is described in more detail'.
- 'dependedents' should read 'dependents'.
- 'that declares test-suite' should read 'that declares a test-suite'.
- 'It possible to declare' should read 'It is possible to declare'.
- 'it it possible' should read 'it is possible'.
- 'will start serve as' should read 'will start to serve as'.

- 'which targets to built' should read 'which targets to build'.
- 'and which what properties' should read 'and with what
- 'which had some additional shortcuts if described' should read
'which has some additional shortcuts is described'.

- 'giu' in two examples should be spelled 'gui'.
- 'and don't include any extra code' should read 'and not include
any extra code'.

- 'build so suit expectations of people used various IDEs' should
read 'build to suit expectations of people used to various IDEs'.

13. Some more generic typos to grep for:
- 'usefull' should be spelled 'useful'.
- 'implict' should read 'implicit'.

Ok... enough from me for now... :-)

Hope this helps,
Jurko Gospodnetiæ


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