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From: Jurko Gospodnetic (jurko_for_boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-26 05:54:21

 Hi Volodya.

> Yes, thank you very much!

My pleasure. :-)) Well, I'm still reading through the manual
(fantasizing about using V2 in a project of mine currently done
using makefiles) so here are some more comments:
- 'method can be overrided when' should read 'method can
be overridden when'.
- 'analysing' should be spelled 'analyzing'
- 'and using a more specific feature which is translated to a
specific options' should perhaps read 'and using a more
specific feature which is directly translated to specific
- but on the other hand this whole paragraph seems unclear
to me so perhaps a more general rewrite would be
- Strange sentence 'A generic feature is almost always should
be defined' should be corrected.
- 'acessible' should be spelled 'accessible'
- 'Let's see' should read 'Lets see'
- 'sometimes needs to specific "DEF file"' should read
'sometimes needs to specify a "DEF file"'
- I believe a hyper-link from 'feature attributes' in 'You should
have to decide on the set of feature attributes' to the
'Feature attributes' paragraf in
would be useful.
- 'It's quite likely that's you'll want to' should read 'It's quite
likely that you'll want to'
- 'there are as much as three way to do that' should read 'there
are as many as three ways to do that'
- 'in a number of case' should read 'in a number of cases'.
- 'redirect to any of existing rules' should read 'redirect to any
of the existing rules'
- 'The remaining method is to declared your own' should read
'The remaining method is to declare your own'
- 'so that a incidental' should read 'so that an incidental'
- 'feature is has the' should read 'feature has the'
- the final sentence is messed up
- 'only for specific combination' should read 'only for a
specific combination'
- 'poinless' should be spelled 'pointless'
- 'Condititional' should be spelled 'Conditional'
- 'properties allow to do that' should read 'properties allow
you to do just that'
- 'systax' should be spelled 'syntax'
- 'to be rebuild in debug' should read 'to be rebuilt in debug'
- 'are build recursively' should read 'are built recursively'
- 'it might be better to explicitly specify the condition
explicitly' should read 'it might be better to specify the
condition explicitly'
- 'is stict subset' should read 'is s strict subset'.
- 'The found generators assigned a rank' should read 'The
found generator's assigned a rank'
- 'constuct' shoulde be spelled 'construct'
- 'there only way to' should read 'the only way to'.
- 'ojects' should be spelled 'object'
- I do not understand the example here. What is the variable
'path'? It is not used anywhere. How does it relate to the
text describing the example.
- 'to a finer control' should read 'for finer control'
- 'macroses' should be spelled 'macros'

Okie... that's it for my first pass through the manual...
will most likely rescan it though when I try to actually
use Boost.Build V2 on my project.

Best regards,
Jurko Gospodnetic


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