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From: Pedro Ferreira (pedro.ferreira_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-15 04:52:23

Hi Volodya,

Em 14 Dec 2004, às 11:03, Vladimir Prus escreveu:

> Hi Pedro,
>> I vote for approach 2. We've been using a hacked-in solution similar
>> to
>> that one with very good results.
>> What I think is important is the ability to fully customize the name,
>> both in terms of its form, and to
>> which of the files generated for a target it applies. E.g.
>> - Linux:
>> - Mac OS X: libA.1.2.3.dylib
>> - Windows: A.1.2.3.dll, A.1.2.3.pdb and A.lib
>> - etc.
> This means the name should be complete customisable by means of some
> user-provided rule. Currently, the <tag> feature can be used to
> specify a
> rule which returns the right name. If the rule prototype is:
> rule tag-rule ( original-name * : original-suffix ? : target-type
> ? :
> properties )
> {
> }
> Then the rule can return new name using whatever rules, including
> those you
> list above. It will also be possible for one project to add version to
> lib
> names, and for another project to don't add it. What do you think?

The basic idea is very good but, looking at the code, it seems this
will be called just once per target and modify all files generated by
that target the same way. To support the Windows case, I would need it
to be called once per generated file... Can you move the <tag> logic
down to the generator.generated-targets? Or are there any side-effects
I overlooked?

> The only question is how to conveniently specify in top-level Jamfile
> that
> specific <tag> feature should apply to lib targets.
> I was thinking about
> project top :
> requirements <main-target-type>LIB:<tag>@some-naming-scheme
> ;
> but this won't work for target which type is *derived* from "LIB", or
> if lib
> generator is used when building main target which type is not "lib".

Almost perfect, isn't it :-(
Still, I think most people can live with this and, those who don't, can
apply the rule to all targets and discriminate that in the rule itself.

Well done!



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