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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-02 12:18:56

Alan Gutierrez wrote:

> Maybe not Boost.Build.v2, maybe Jam. Where is Perforce/Jam in
> all this? This strikes me as a Socratic question and this process
> of learning Boost.Build is already Socratic enough.
> Are the orignal Jam or Performce/Jam involved in Boost.Build?

The original Jam is Perforce/Jam. Boost.Jam is basically an old version
of Perforce/Jam plus many extensions and improvements. Since then
Perfoce has made many other changes to its Jam and the codebases have

> Aren't you advocating everyone to move toward Boost.Build v2?


> More importantly, are there not two tools involved in Boost.Build:
> 1) Boost.Jam
> 2) Boost.Build

Sort of. Boost.Jam is the executable and interpreted language
environment in which Boost.Build is constructed.

Your question is like asking whether there are two tools involved in

1) Docutils
2) Python

> Let me me rephrase my question.
> I would like to create a minimal Boost.Jam file. One that
> generates no warnings.

DEPENDS all : Jamfile ;

will work.

> I want to understand the concept of a target in Boost.Jam.

Then read

> I understand the concept of a target, and I know how to
> specify one in make.
> I'm asking a syntax question.

It's not exactly a syntax answer. There's no special syntax as in make
for introducing a dependency. It's done by calling a builtin rule.
That is to say that colons are just argument separators in Jam, nothing

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