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From: Lucas Vickers (lucasvickers_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-01 15:17:26

I have compiled and installed Boost, and I am trying to get a project
(Bayes++) to compile. I am having some trouble and I am pretty sure it
comes down to my limited development knowledge on Linux and that am new
with bjam. Below is the situation, I will be as complete as possible.

- I have an account on a linux machine, I am not root.
- I did a stage install of Boost to
"/home/poobarr/boost_1_32_0/stage/lib". This worked.
- I had root compile and install the boost files to
"/usr/local/include/boost-1_32/" which contains a "boost" directory
containing the boost files
- I have bjam in my local directory
- I declare and export the following variables:
* "PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:/home/poobarr/boost-jam-3.1.10-1-linuxx86" to
allow bjam
* "BOOST_ROOT=/home/poobarr/boost_1_32_0" because bjam needs the
"boost-build.jam" file
- The project I am trying to compile is in "/home/poobarr/Bayes++"

bjam ran in "/home/poobarr/Bayes++" gives me code errors which I
attribute to bjam not finding the appropriate boost libraries. Bayes++
comes as a complete distribution so I doubt there are code errors.

I am not sure if I should have BOOST_ROOT set to
"/home/poobarr/boost_1_32_0" or "/usr/local/include/boost-1_32/".

I tried setting BOOST_ROOT to "/usr/local/include/boost-1_32/", and I
got an error because there is no "boost-build.jam" found in that directory.

I tried setting BOOST_ROOT to "/home/poobarr/boost_1_32_0".
"boost-build.jam" is found in that directory, however this is when it
appears bjam does not link to the boost includes.

My questions are.
- Should I set boost_root to the /usr/local dir, and move a
boost-build.jam file there? (well have root move one)
- What files (there are multiple .jam and Jamrules) should I modify to
declare where the boost libraries are.
- And finally can someone post a correctly modified .jam or Jamrules
file (so that I make sure I get syntax correctly) if this is my problem.

And I guess if there is anything else I am missing.
I think I need to edit the "/home/poobarr/boost_1_32_0/boost-build.jam"
file or the "/home/poobarr/Bayes++/Jamfile.v2" file, but I am confused.

Thank you for the development and for your time.
Sorry if this is the wrong group but I think this is more of a bjam
issue than boost issue.



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