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From: Robert Ramey (Ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-11 15:39:25

I'm confused about the role of <include> and <sysinclude> in a V1 Jamfile.

I don't see it explained anywhere.

Some build Jamfile include under requiremens


others include


at least one include both.

The impression I had was that this is automatically included from
boost-base.jam or ?

I'm brought to this point because I'm having trouble getting
serialization/build/Jamfile to build a couple of libraries:

serialization/test/Jamfile depends upon Boot Test. For como-... I get

"C:\BoostMainCVS\boost/test/impl/test_tools.ipp", line 133: error #135:
namespace "std" has no member "va_list"
std::va_list args;

"C:\BoostMainCVS\boost/test/impl/test_tools.ipp", line 133: error #65:
expected a ";"
std::va_list args;

"C:\BoostMainCVS\boost/test/impl/test_tools.ipp", line 135: error #20:
identifier "args" is undefined
va_start( args, num_of_args );

"C:\BoostMainCVS\boost/test/impl/test_tools.ipp", line 156: error #135:
namespace "std" has no member "va_list"
std::va_list args;

"C:\BoostMainCVS\boost/test/impl/test_tools.ipp", line 156: error #65:
expected a ";"
std::va_list args;

Error limit reached.
5 errors detected in the compilation of
Compilation terminated.

set "PATH=;%PATH%"

como --vc71 -c -e5 --no_version --no_prelink_verbose --display_error_number
--long_long --diag_suppress=9,21,161,748,940,962 -D__STL_LONG_LONG -DBOOST
_TEST_NO_AUTO_LINK=1 --a --no_inlining /Zi
/Od -D_WIN32 --exceptions -DBOOST_DISABLE_WIN32 --wchar_t -I"c:\BoostMainC
VS\bin\boost\libs\test\build" -I"C:\BoostMainCVS" -I"C:\BoostMainCVS" -I"C
:\BoostMainCVS" -o

...failed como-C++-action

Note the three C:\BoostMainCVS in a row. This suggests to me that maybe I
haven't specified include paths properly. Also the error message suggests
that I'm missing some path or environmental variable or who knows what. I
don't see any includes for como/libcomo or as I expect.

Note that this worked before, I updated the my local CVS tree and I started
to get this. I also notice recent updates in tools/build/v1
(allyourbase.jam - 3 weeks ago and boost-base.jam 8 days ago) whose log
entries suggest that perhaps they might be related to the problems I'm

I also notice that CW and gcc-2.95-stlport builds in the test matrix are
generating what seem to me similar errors - though with the serialization
library build rather than the test library build.

I'm don't know how to address this. Could someone check this for me?

Robert Ramey


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