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From: Jan Rehders (cmdkeen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-24 05:01:48

Thanks for your answer,

I'm using v2. I've looked in darwin.jam but there doesn't seem to be
anything bundle related. Thus I tried to make my own rule, but I'm
running into problems creating a "top level" rule. The documentation
seems to lack some information saying " Something about 'main' types."
without any more information.

I successfully created a rule which creates a cpp file from a (self
made) .jan type. ( cpp blub : blub.jan : ; works fine). I created a
second type, .jans and added a rule to turn it into a .jan. Thus
something like "cpp blub2 : blub2.jans : ;" works fine, too. But when I
try a target "jan blub3 : blub2.jans : ;" I get an error saying "rule
jan unknown".

I tried to solve this by creating a rule named jan but can't get it to
work. I added
rule jan ( name : source )
jan.create-jan ${name} : ${source} ;

but it tells me "rule jan unknown". Looking in boosts .jam files
(darwin.jam, alias.jam,..) did not help me too much, they are a bit
overwhelming ;)

Here are the files I created:

import jan ;

# works fine
exe hello : hello.jans : ;

# works fine
cpp blub : blubb.jans : ;

# fails
jan blub3 : blubb.jans ;

import type ;

type.register JANFILE : jan ;

import generators ;

generators.register-standard jan.create-jan : JANFILE : CPP ;

actions jan.create-jan
"cp" $(>) $(<)

type.register JANTWO : jans ;

generators.register-standard jan.create-jans : JANTWO : JANFILE ;

actions jan.create-jans
"cp" $(>) $(<)

rule jan ( name : source )
jan.create-jans ${name} : ${source} ;

any help would be appreciated,
Jan Rehders

>> Hello,
>> I'm looking for a way to create application bundles in OS X using
>> boost
>> build. I looked into darwin.jam but it does not seem to contain any
>> rules for bundles and I could not find anything related in the mailing
>> lists archive. Thus I guess I will have to write my own rule for it,
>> but before I'd like to check if there exists anything I've overlooked?
> For BBv1 there's a "link-format" feature which you can specify to make
> bundles, i.e. adding "<link-format>bundle" to the requirements section
> of a target. But truthfully I don't remember if I did any testing on it
> when I wrote that. So it may work, or it may blow up in wonderful
> psychedelic splendor :-)
> Don't know what the BBv2 support is like for this.. if any.
> --grafik


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