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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-28 08:44:40

At 04:47 2005-05-28, John Maddock wrote:
>I'm getting errors while rebuilding current cvs:
>c:\data\boost\develop\boost\tools\build\jam_src>cl /nologo /GZ /Zi
>/MLd -DNT -DY
>YDEBUG kernel32.lib advapi32.lib /Febootstrap\jam0 command.c compile.c
> execunix.c execvms.c expand.c filent.c fileos2.c fileunix.c filevms.c
>glob.c ha
>sh.c hdrmacro.c headers.c jam.c jambase.c jamgram.c lists.c make.c make1.c
>r.c option.c parse.c pathunix.c pathvms.c regexp.c rules.c scan.c search.c
>..c timestamp.c variable.c modules.c strings.c filesys.c builtins.c pwd.c
> w32_getreg.c native.c modules/set.c modules/path.c modules/regex.c
>perty-set.c modules/sequence.c modules/order.c
>execnt.c(424) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'type'
>execnt.c(425) : error C2065: 'expected' : undeclared identifier
>execnt.c(425) : warning C4047: 'function' : 'const char *' differs in levels
>indirection from 'int'

you haven't said which compiler you're uisng. This appeared to work on my
vc-7_1 less than an hour ago.
I note the following:
from a cvs log of execnt.c:
revision 1.18
date: 2005/05/27 18:32:23; author: david_abrahams; state: Exp; lines: +6 -1
Workaround for vc6 preprocessor bug.
revision 1.17
date: 2005/05/27 17:06:30; author: david_abrahams; state: Exp; lines:
+128 -128
Finally, a real fix for the spawn problem, I hope.
from cvs annotate execnt.c
1.17 (david_ab 27-May-05):
1.17 (david_ab 27-May-05): {
1.17 (david_ab 27-May-05): char** argv =
string_to_args("\"g++\" -c -I\"Foobar\"");
1.17 (david_ab 27-May-05): assert(!strcmp(argv[0],
1.18 (david_ab 27-May-05):
1.18 (david_ab 27-May-05): /* Work around vc6 bug; it
doesn't like escaped string
1.18 (david_ab 27-May-05): * literals inside assert
1.18 (david_ab 27-May-05): */
1.18 (david_ab 27-May-05): char const expected[] = "-c
-I\"Foobar\""; //<<<<<<<<<<<< line 424 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
1.18 (david_ab 27-May-05): assert(!strcmp(argv[1],
1.17 (david_ab 27-May-05): free_argv(argv);
1.17 (david_ab 27-May-05): }

>It does build OK with gcc however,
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