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From: weininghao (weininghao_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-27 08:36:31



I found the reason why my configure "using gcc" cannot be recognized:
I always modfied the user-config.jam file under the root directory of
Boost.Build, but neglected another user-config.jam file has existed in
the HOME directory.
1) Now I add "using gcc" into the latter file, it works. But I still
get the warning:
warning: Python location is not configured
warning: the Boost.Python library won't be built

I have done: export PYTHON_ROOT=/usr, why got such warning?

2) Does that mean the file user-config.jam under HOME directory will
be checked firstly, and if it is existed, the one under Boost.Build
root directory will not be checked?
(In step3 at, it says
that the user-config.jam file is in the Boost.Build root directory )

3) I want to use Boost.Build.V2 , but I started to work from There are some
comamnds such as "bjam "-sTOOLS=gcc" install"(in step5), which has not
been mentioned is special for v1. So I use it with configuring
user-cinfig.jam at the same time.
Then the correct way to use v2 is totally following, am I right?

Best regards,

> > warning: no toolsets are configured. warning: you
> > won't be able to build C++ programs. warning: please
> > consult the documentation.
> >
> > /home/hnn/boost/tools/build/v2/build/targets.jam:1245:
> > in construct from moduleobject(typed-target)@1
> This is simple; it means your user-config.jam isn't being found.

> My steps are:
> 1 Check out Boost


> 2 Build and install Boost.Bjam
> - go to <root of boost>/tools/build/jam-src, then run
> sh ./
> - copy the generated file bjam to /usr/local/bin and


> copy again to get bjam and jam

...where did we tell you to do that?
copy what again?

Not that it matters; this won't hurt you.

> 3 Configure tools and parameters
> - <root of boost>/bjam "-sGCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY=/usr"

Our instructions must not be very clear. That doesn't "configure tools
and parameters." If you happen to have a bjam executable at the root
of boost, it would build all of boost. But according to what you've
told us so far, you don't have a bjam there, so I'm confused.

> - <root of boost>/export PYTHON_ROOT=/usr

Did that work? Do you have an executable called "export" at the root
of boost?

> - <root of boost>/export PYTHON_VERSION=2.3

Same question.

I think what you meant to do would have been something like

export PYTHON_ROOT=/usr

> 4 Build and install Boost libraries
> - <root of boost>/bjam "-sTOOLS=gcc" install

That step is not required. What instructions are you following?

> 5 Set build path for Boost.Build
> /home/hnn/boost/tools/build/v2

Whoa there. You have been using a mixture of v1 idioms up 'till now,
now you're using v2. Is that intentional? That step is also not

> 6 Configure user-config.jam at <root of
> boost>/tools/build/v2/
> - Change the content of file user-config.jam to:
> import toolset : using ;
> using gcc;
> - <root of boost>/bjam install

Another v2 idiom. This repeats the effect of step 4, but using v2 this

> 7 Build "hello" example with bjam
> - go to <root of boost>/tools/build/v2/example/hello,
> then run
> bjam --v2
> - get the error listed above

Normally the user-config.jam file should be found in your home

> My questions are:
> 1 Are there some problems in those steps?
> 2 In step2, I get only one file bjam after builing
> boost.bjam. However the guide says there should be two
> files bjam and jam. Is there some error with me?

I think we just decided to stop building plain jam.

> 3 In step3,
> 1) do I need to use the command
> - bjam "-sGCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY=/usr"?

If you're using Boost.Build v2, definitely not.

> 2) Before my setting, how can I know whether my OS
> preconfigured this parameter or not?
> 3) And do I need to direct the parameter to the
> folder where the whole GCC are installed, or...?
> 4) If I configure a wrong path to this parameter,
> might I get the "warning: no toolsets are
> configured."?

I don't know the answers to these; I'll leave that to others.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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