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From: Andre Genereux (andre_genereux01_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-17 13:02:33

I just downloaded the most recent nightly release of the Boost Build
V2 tree. I tried building the "libraries" example and got the same

I should note that this warning only presents itself when I try to
build from the Jamroot - if I build from the app Jamfile, there is no

The warning doesn't seem to harm anything, but whatever is causing it
causes more problems when I try to install the executable in another
directory by adding this line into the app Jamfile:

install installdir : app ;

I get the following messages:

warning: <papp/bin/gcc/debug>app depends on itself
warning: app depends on itself
warning: app/bin/gcc/debug depends on itself
...found 21 targets...
...updating 12 targets...
MkDir1 app/installdir
gcc.compile.c++ app/bin/gcc/debug/app.o
tbcompiler [25754]: Cannot open: app/bin/gcc/debug/app.o

"g++" -Wall -ftemplate-depth-100 -O0 -fno-inline -g -fPIC
-I"util/foo/include" -c -o "app/bin/gcc/debug/app.o" "app/app.cpp"

...failed gcc.compile.c++ app/bin/gcc/debug/app.o...
MkDir1 util/foo/bin
MkDir1 util/foo/bin/gcc
MkDir1 util/foo/bin/gcc/debug
gcc.compile.c++ util/foo/bin/gcc/debug/bar.o util/foo/bin/gcc/debug/
...skipped <papp/installdir>app for lack of <papp/bin/gcc/debug>app.o...
...skipped app for lack of <papp/installdir>app...
...skipped app/bin for lack of app...
...skipped app/bin/gcc for lack of app/bin...
...skipped app/bin/gcc/debug for lack of app/bin/gcc...
...skipped <papp/bin/gcc/debug>app for lack of app/bin/gcc/debug...
...failed updating 1 target...
...skipped 6 targets...
...updated 6 targets...

For some reason it can't (or just doesn't) create the build directory
and blows up. If the directory already exists it builds okay (although
the warnings are still present). It also builds fine, without any
warnings, if bjam is run from the app directory instead of the root.

Any ideas?


Andre Genereux

--- In jamboost_at_[hidden], "Andre Genereux"
<andre_genereux01_at_y...> wrote:
> I'm building a very simple example project:
> boostBuildExample---|
> |Jamroot
> |boost-build.jam
> |
> |---main---|
> | |main.cxx
> | |Jamfile
> |
> |---animals---|
> |Cat.cxx
> |Cat.h
> |Dog.cxx
> |Dog.h
> |Jamfile
> The Jamroot looks like this:
> using gcc ;
> project boostExample ;
> build-project main ;
> The animals Jamfile looks like this:
> project animals ;
> lib Animals
> : Cat.cxx
> Dog.cxx
> : <include>.
> <link>static
> : : <include>.
> ;
> The main Jamfile looks like this:
> project main ;
> exe main : main.cxx ../animals//Animals ;
> When I build it, I'm getting the following warning:
> warning: <pmain/bin/gcc/debug>main depends on itself
> I have far more comlicated projects that work just fine. What am I
> doing wrong on this one?
> Thanks,
> Andre


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