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From: Reece Dunn (msclrhd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-28 06:39:56

Renaud Lepere wrote:
> > You might want to check out
> >
> > ?Boost.Build_V2/MicrosoftVCProjMigration
> > in the Wiki. This is still under construction and would love some
> > help/feedback on it. Note that some of the documentation in
> > there will refer
> > to the latest CVS version of BBv2.
>Thanks a lot, i read it and it gave me a good vision of what to

Cool! I am looking to expand it for all the various project settings as a
complete migration guide.

> > It would be better to use <debug-symbols>on instead of using
> > the /Zi switch
> > directly. I am not sure what /fixed:no does.
>/fixed:no is needed by purify/quantify, it's about relocation
>but i don't know exaclty what it is. It is a linker option.


>After your advices (and reading /tools/builtin.jam), i defined
>a new variant/configuration in my jamroot
>variant crazy : profile : <linkflags>/fixed:no ;


>No i can profile all my projects easily. Is there a way to say
>that variant crazy means <linkflags>/fixed:no with msvc and something
>else with another toolset (i use gcc for syntax checking) ?

The idea is to use BBv2 options in variants such as <warnings>off, so these
are converted appropriately to the correct flags for a toolset. However, you
might want to try:

variant crazy : profile :

>Perhaps you should add in the migration guide, how to create
>new variants/configurations. It seems to be very easy.

Now we are getting into the territory of the BBv2 user manual. The idea of
the migration guide is to give VC/VS IDE users a way of getting up to speed
with the BJam/BBv2 terminology and the settings available so they have a
quick reference on how some IDE-related thing is done in BBv2. It is not
meant as a replacement for the BBv2 user manual (which should contain
information on extending variants), but should rather complement it :).

>I also have another problem/question, if i would like to use whole
>program optimizations (cxxflags /GL and linkflags /LTGC), should i
>define a new variant or is there a direct way to do it ?

You should be able to do:

exe optimised : main.cpp
<cxxflags>/GL <linkflags>/LTGC

This is what the migration guide was meaning by the
<cxxflags>/GL <linkflags>/LTGC
line. I should really make this clearer in the introduction section.

- Reece


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