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From: Alex Besogonov (cyberax_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-20 08:16:18

Good <time-of-day>!

I've finished my wxWidgets support and request its review. It's my first
    Boost.Build expirience, so I expect lots of bugs and non-optimal
solutions in my code :)

I've uploaded library to

POSIX and Windows are supported (gcc and vc compilers were tested).
Building for WinCE should also work, but it was not tested.

I'm still not happy with some implementation details. For example,
Windows version parses build.cfg to extract configuration options (see
get-build-cfg-requirements). This is very brittle, a long-term solution
will require addition of a new build system to Bakefile.

POSIX version uses 'wx-config' script and doesn't support
cross-compiling yet.

1) Here's a typical Jamfile for a simple wxWidgets application (checklst
sample from wxWidgets distribution):
using wxWidgets ;

exe checklst : checklst.cpp checklst.rc
        /wxWidgets//wx-base/ /wxWidgets//wx-core/
        /wxWidgets//wx-adv/ /wxWidgets//wx-html/
        : <user-interface>gui ;
One can control what wxWidgets variant should be used.

2) It's possible to build wxWidgets libraries (it's even possible to
build wxWidgets itself!) using my module. Library name will be mangled
according to wxWidgets standards.

Here's a Jamfile for wxIFM ( :
using wxWidgets ;
project ifm ;

alias wx-libs : /wxWidgets//wx-base/ /wxWidgets//wx-core/
        /wxWidgets//wx-adv/ /wxWidgets//wx-html/ ;

wxlib wxIFM :
        [ glob src/*.cpp ]
        : <wx-libname>ifm <wx-libtype>system
          <include>include <include>.
        : <include>include
If shared library is built wxWidgets.jam will automatically define macro
  WXBUILDINGDLL_<wx-libname> and WXUSINGDLL_<wx-libname> if dynamic
wxlibray is used.

With respect,
             Alex Besogonov (cyberax_at_[hidden])

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