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From: Markus Schöpflin (markus.schoepflin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-02-14 08:44:29

Vladimir Prus wrote:

> On Tuesday 14 February 2006 15:26, Markus Schöpflin wrote:
>>> Try
>>> using tru64 : cxx65_042 :
>>> <cflags>"-version V6.5-042"
>>> <ldflags>"-version V6.5-042 -use_non_shared_libcxx"
>>> ;
>>> and then
>>> bjam -a -n --v2 tru64-cxx65_042
>>> Note that '65' and '042' must be separated by underscore, not dash.
>> Still no luck. My toolset description looks now like this:
>> using hp_cxx : hp_cxx_65_042_tru64 :
> Remove "hp_cxx_" from here, and leave just "65_042_tru64". The parameter is a
> version that's appended to base toolset version.

Um, OK.

>> <cflags>"-version V6.5-042"
>> <ldflags>"-version V6.5-042 -use_non_shared_libcxx"
>> ;
>> and lives in BOOST_BUILD_PATH as hp_cxx_65_042_tru64.jam.
> You don't need to create a new file, just put the above code into
> user-config.jam.

Is there a way to achieve this without messing around with a file living
_inside_ the boost source tree?

>> But bjam -a -n --v2 hp_cxx_65_042_tru64 still gives an error:
> And with above changed, you'd need dash between base toolset name and version:
> hp_cxx-65_042_tru64

My user-config.jam now looks like this:

import toolset : using ;

using hp_cxx : 65_042_tru64 :
   <cflags>"-version V6.5-042"
   <ldflags>"-version V6.5-042 -use_non_shared_libcxx"

using python : 2.4 : /opt/Python-2.4.1 ;

Invoking bjam now gives:

boost-HEAD/libs/test/test> bjam -a -n --v2 hp_cxx-65_042_tru64
warning: toolset hp_cxx initialization:
warning: can't find user-provided command '<cflags>-version V6.5-042
<ldflags>-version V6.5-042 -use_non_shared_libcxx'
warning: initialized from
Building Boost.Regex with the optional Unicode/ICU support disabled.
Please refer to the Boost.Regex documentation for more information
(and if you don't know what ICU is then you probably don't need it).
...found 930 targets...
...updating 218 targets...

The compiler and linker command names are missing from the generated commands:


      -x cxx -c -std strict_ansi -nopure_cname -noimplicit_include
-timplicit_local -ptr
tru64/debug/cxx_repository" -msg_display_number -msg_disable 186,450,1115
-D__CNAME_OVERLOADS -model ansi -g3 -gall -O0 -inline none
_TEST_NO_AUTO_LINK=1 -I"../../.." -o


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