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From: Johan Nilsson (r.johan.nilsson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-20 08:44:51


I haven't updated my local copy of Boost from CVS (RC_1_34_0) for a couple
of months due to firewall misconfiguration here.

After updating the sources yesterday, my own project build (using bbv2)
suddenly stopped working. It looks like building a target in a project
subdirectory, only the project requirements specified in the project root
directory and the current directory were applied - not any requirements from
intermediate-level projects.

I checked the latest changes for the project.jam module, and found the
change at revision with the following comments:

# While "build-project" and "use-project" can potentially refer
# to child projects from parent projects, we don't immediately
# loading child projects when seing those attributes. Instead,
# we record the minimal information that will be used only later.

I reverted the change in my local copy, and my project started building as
usual again. After trying to get a repeatable test case I found out that it
was the 'use-project' rule in combination with the above change that caused
the problem - but only when invoking the build from the subdirectory.

I'm really not sure whether this is a user error from my side or a bug in
Boost.Build, but I'm attaching a zipped archive with a project hierarchy
that exhibits the problem. Unzip the archive, set BOOST_BUILD_PATH in the
environment, change to the src/foo/bar directory and enter 'bjam' to see the
problem. Then try commenting out the 'use-project' statement in the root
Jamfile to see the build pass.

// Johan

begin 666
M4$L#! H```````9UU#0````````````````0````<')O:F5C="UR;V]T+FIA
M;5!+`P0*```````T;]0T````````````````" ```'-R8R]F;V\O4$L#! H`
M`'1TU#0=;"]75 ```%<````6````<W)C+V9O;R]B87(O2F%M9FEL92YV,LO,
M" "(=-0TSN4ZY6X```"9````% ```'-R8R]F;V\O8F%R+VUA:6XN8W!PR\PK
M4<A-S,S3R,PKT5%(SD_at_LTHJ.U>3EJN;E4LY,4TA)3<O,2TU1T CR]P^)=W%U
M\_1SU5104T-(>/J%N ;YNKIX.H:X8E7_at_X^KH!I/@Y>(L2BTI+<I3,+ &6I":
M4YRJ@! S!(OEI62F\7+5`@!02P,$% ````@`<V_4-.9-H@],````5 ```!(`
M4F(12!P`4$L#! H``````.!TU#1$%,AR(P```",````/````8F]O<W0M8G5I
M;&0N:F%M8F]O<W0M8G5I;&0@)"A"3T]35%]"54E,1%]0051(*2 [#0I02P,$
M% ````@`L'34-"->WEZ>````R0````H```!*86UF:6QE+G8R38XQ#X(P%(1G
M1Z\=&6J#9V$C2>F6MJ>B.%_V67XX9JRN^:?1C \[:T96MU>$&R'N/2V[;UZ,
ME/U%(\G98ALI?B!XU!M02P$"% L*```````&==0T````````````````$ ``
M`````````" `````````<')O:F5C="UR;V]T+FIA;5!+`0(4"PH``````#1O
MU#0````````````````(````````````$ ```"X```!S<F,O9F]O+U!+`0(4
M"PH``````")UU#0````````````````,````````````$ ```%0```!S<F,O
M9F]O+V)A<B]02P$"% L4````" !T=-0T'6PO5U0```!7````%@`````````!
M`" ```!^````<W)C+V9O;R]B87(O2F%M9FEL92YV,E!+`0(4"Q0````(`(AT
MU#3.Y3KE;@```)D````4``````````$`( ````8!``!S<F,O9F]O+V)A<B]M
M86EN+F-P<%!+`0(4"Q0````(`'-OU#3F3:(/3 ```%0````2``````````$`
M( ```*8!``!S<F,O9F]O+TIA;69I;&4N=C)02P$"% L*``````#@=-0T1!3(
M<B,````C````#P`````````!`" ````B`@``8F]O<W0M8G5I;&0N:F%M4$L!
M`A0+% ````@`L'34-"->WEZ>````R0````H``````````0`@````<@(``$IA
>;69I;&4N=C)02P4&``````@`" #I`0``. ,`````

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