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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-12 03:43:37

third release candidate for Milestone 11 is available. Please grab it

and give it a try on your projects. If you run into any problems, report it on
the list or file it in the tracker (,
with "M11" as milestone, and don't forget to specify your email.

If no bugs are reported within few days, this will be released. And this time
I mean it!

Changes in RC3:

  - Properties inside conditions are not longer validated
  - Non-static import libs have 'lib' prefix
  - msvc: support <archiveflags>.
  - msvc: fixed bug with specifying compiler flags in "using msvc".
  - CW: Handle runtime variants for CW
  - MinGW: various fixes
  - Solaris: don't pass -s to Solaris's gcc, remove -xarch=default.
  - Tru64: don't use -soname option.
  - Boost.Python: respect RUN_PATH variable when running tests.
  - STLPort: various fixes
  - rc: handle <define> and <include> features
Changes in RC2:

  - Versioned config for Sun compiler now works.
  - Fixed binary stripping and ignore <runtime-link>static
    on Darwin.
  - Several examples are now automatically tested.
  - The --clean option no longer deletes sources of 'cast'.
  - Digital Mars fixes.
  - Many documentation edits.
  - Windows-specific fixes in the testsuite.

Changes relative to M10 follow.

Milestone 11 (not yet released)

Changes in this release:

    - New C++ compilers: IBM xlf, HP aCC, HP CXX, Intel fortran compiler.
    - New tools: Qt4 support, MS message compiler and IDL compiler.
    - New main targets: 'notfile' and 'cast'.

    - Core changes:

        - Only one file required at top level of a project, named Jamroot.
        - Jamfiles can now contain project-specific help messages.
        - "Indirect conditional requirements" introduced
        - Strip suffix in main target names when computing names of generated
          files (URL)
        - The 'source-location' project attribute can contain
          several directories.
        - Usage requirements are propagated not only direct dependents,
          but to indirect dependents.

    - Command line option changes (see
        - New option --build-dir
        - The --clean option cleans only target below the current directory,
          not globally.
        - New --clean-all option was added.
        - New option --debug-building
        - Running "bjam some_directory" works even if there's no Jamfile
          in the current directory.

    - Toolset improvements:
        - Assembling support with gcc, borland and msvc.
        - Support amd64/ia64 cross-compiling with msvc.
        - Improved, registry-based autodetection for msvc.
        - Serialize execution of actions
        - Precompiled headers supported on MSVC
          (Need documentation)

    - New features <warnings> and <warnings-as-errors>
    - The 'glob' rule accepts wildcards in directory names.
    - The 'stage' rule was renamed to 'install'
      (the old name still available for compatibility)
    - The <tag> feature can accept user-defined function as value
    - The 'install' rule can install a directory hierarchy preserving relative
    - The 'install' rule no longer allows to change library
      name during install.
    - The Jamfile referred via 'use-project' may declare project id different
      from the one in 'use-project'.
    - The 'using' rule now searches the directory of containing Jamfile.

The following bugs were fixed:

    - The <library> feature was ignored for static linking
    - Fix #include scanning for C files.
    - Child projects were sometimes loaded before parent projects.
    - Fix project references with absolute paths on Windows.
    - The <dependency> feature was ignored for 'install' targets.
    - A generator having the same type in sources and targets was causing
    - Use 'icpc' command for Intel, fixing errors with 8.1 and higher.
    - Generation of PS files with the FOP tool really produces .PS files.
    - No dependency scanning was done for C files.
    - The 'constant' and 'path-constant' rules did not accept multi-element
    - Don't pass -fcoalesce-templates to gcc on OSX 10.4
    - Fix static lib suffix on OSX.
    - Fix rpath setting on Intel/Linux.
    - The 'install' rule don't unnecessary scans #includes in installed

Developer visible changes:

    - Ability to customize type's prefix depending on build properties.
    - Generator's 'run' method can return usage-requirements.
    - Main target rule is automatically declared for each new target type.
    - 'Link incompatible' feature attribute was removed
    - Generators no longer bypass unhandled sources, they just ignore them.
    - If there are several applicable generators, immediately report
      ambiguity. Provide a way to explicitly resolve conflicts between
    - The 'flags' rule can match absense of feature.
    - Great improvement in response files handling
    - The 'toolset.flags' rules allows value-less feature to signify
      absense of this feature (fix hack-hack).
    - Automatically declare main target rule for each declared target type.
    - When inheriting types, inherit generators for the base type, as opposed
      to using various hacks to invoke base generators when needed.
    - Improve diagnostic for "duplicate actual target" and generator

Vladimir Prus
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