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From: Fabien Chêne (fabien.chene_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-09-27 19:28:42


After a discussion on fr.comp.lang.c++ about Boost.[Build/Jam], James
Kanze pointed out that dependant macros do not cause dependencies.
According to §16.2.4, the following code is legal C++, and Boost.Jam
don't care about toto.hpp as a dependency :

cat toto.cpp
#define DEPENDANT_INCLUDE( s ) #s
#include DEPENDANT_INCLUDE( toto.hpp )

cat Jamfile
C++ = g++ ;
LINK = g++ ;
Library libtoto : toto.cpp ;
$ jam -dm -n
make -- all
time -- all: unbound
make -- shell
time -- shell: unbound
make -- first
time -- first: unbound
made stable first
made stable shell
make -- files
time -- files: unbound
made stable files
make -- lib
time -- lib: unbound
make -- libtoto.a
time -- libtoto.a: missing
make -- libtoto.a(toto.o)
time -- libtoto.a(toto.o): missing
make -- toto.o
time -- toto.o: missing
make -- toto.cpp
time -- toto.cpp: Mon Sep 25 01:10:05 2006
made* newer toto.cpp
made+ missing toto.o
made+ update libtoto.a(toto.o)
made+ update libtoto.a
made update lib
make -- exe
time -- exe: unbound
made stable exe
make -- obj
time -- obj: unbound
made update obj
made update all

I think the documentation is not clear enough about this problematic
limitation (the problem is the same with classic Jam).
Someone to confirm/infirm that ? If confirmed, is there a workaround ?
And i would find it more safe to block the build if an include is not
of the form of :

#include <h-char-sequence> new-line (§16.2.2)
#include "q-char-sequence" new-line (§16.2.3)



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