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From: david x callaway (dxc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-21 20:31:46

I'm using:
     Boost.Build V2 (Milestone 11)
     Boost.Jam 03.1.13

how can I add files that weren't built to the clean list? I'd like to
be able to do what this makefile fragment does:

RMV = rm -f

        -$(RMV) *~ $(LIBOBJECTS) $(TARGET)

the "*~" files are leftover emacs backup files, but they could be
anything. of course I'd like to be able to list arbitrary files as well
as globs, for instance I may know that running a test leaves certain
residue that I want to remove.

there was a bit of code in a thread from 29-aug-2005, however I thought
maybe by now there is a better solution (since it is a pretty common
problem). the code shown doesn't deal with globs, and I don't know what
happens if I use a glob that doesn't produce any files, i.e. "*~" is
just a literal string in bash if no files match. I guess the file test
below would catch that, so maybe it would be ok?

anyway, my first question would be does the rule already exist in m11,
or do I need to add the code below or something similar to make it work?
  it would be nice if I could just do

rm-on-clean : *~ *.whatever file1.txt etc.txt ;


rule rm-on-clean ( files + )
         local argv = [ modules.peek : ARGV ] ;
         if "clean" in $(argv) || "--clean" in $(argv)
                 import os ;
                 import path ;

                 local jamfile_path = [ path.parent [ path.make
$(__file__) ] ] ;

                 local cmd ;
                 if [ os.on-windows ]
                         cmd = del ;
                         cmd = rm ;

                 for local file in $(files)
                         file = [ path.native [ path.root $(file)
$(jamfile_path) ] ] ;

                         if [ path.exists $(file) ]
                                 ECHO "rm $(file)" ;
                                 SHELL "$(cmd) \"$(file)\"" ;

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