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From: Oliver.Kowalke_at_[hidden]
Date: 2007-09-03 10:35:43


> > ( 07 : specifying
> > --toolset=gcc would result in linker errors because the gcc.jam did
> > not correctly used HPs linker. The current configuration in gcc.jam
> > passes options not known by the HP linker!
> > I was forced to modify the config files.
> When you talk about config files, what do you mean?

Because I'm not familiar with and boost.jam I don't know the
correct description - sorry.
I see only some files which seams to contain data which controls the
build process.

> a) user-config.jam or
> b) gcc.jam

site-config.jam and gcc.jam

> I do not understand this sentence:
> > I modified gcc.jam because the only compiler known to
> compile boost on
> > HPUX 11.11 is gcc.

I need boost libraries on HP/UX 11.11 which is PA-RISC (this is HPs own
This platform has HPs aCC compiler. HP has decided to promote Itanium
instead of PA-RISC processor on HP/UX Systems.
So HP does not provide aCC version 6.x on PA-RISC. The only version you
get is 3.x which is not able to compile boost libraries!
Thatswhy I'm forced to use gcc which is available on the traget platform
(including support for threading).

> Did you modify the file
> a) because you know you need to compile with gnu compiler,
> but it was not being called, or
> b) the gnu compiler is being called although you need to call aCC ?

Neither - I need gcc but linker failed because wrong linker options
passed to it.

> In a previous post you told:
> > If I put 'import toolset : using ;' into it then on HP/UX
> for Itanium
> > the gcc would also be default but aCC should be.
> So I guess you tried to modify gcc.jam in an attempt to use
> aCC instead of gcc, yes?

No! I want to use gcc with the correct linker options. Currently passes gnu linker options to HP/UX linker. This does not

> You might also be able to specify aCC here. But I am not sure
> if this works. You will need to try.

No - aCC is left out of this scope beause it will not compile on this
platform (because the newest version available for HP/UX 11.11 is
obsolete C++).

> > Currently I get only static libraries on HP/UX 11.11 with gcc!
> > On Linux I get static AND shared libraries (gcc)!
> You still did not tell me if bjam gcc link=shared worked for you.

Yes this works - but I do want shared libraries be builds per default as
it is done on LINUX.
If I type on LINUX 'bjam --toolset=gcc' the shared libraries are build.
If I type the same on HP/UX (with be corrections for the linker) the
shared libraries are not build. Why?

> My basic question (since I have no experience with HP/UX) is: Is the
> compiler/linker toolchain already supported / tested with Boost.Build?
> Are you the first one trying this?

I was able to compile boost-1.33.1 on HP/UX 11.11 with gcc with no
Boost-1.34 (which I believe) comes with v2 make troubles as
I described in my previous emails.

> If it is untested there might be two cases:
> 1) You (or someone else) need to add a complete fresh toolset
> description into
> 2) Your toolchain is sufficiently compatible with gcc, i.e. just
> different name of compiler and linker: You could be able to configure
> this by giving the name of the compiler and options to the linker by
> means of your user-config.jam only.

Not user-config.jam it should be available for all users.

> Hmm, the only HP specific compiler I can see in the docs is
> "HP C++ Compiler for Tru64 Unix"
> I guess this is not the one you are searching for...

No - I want gcc on HP/UX PA-RISC!

I've opened a ticket1228 - please see:

Regards, Oliver

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