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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-01 02:08:50

I'm pleased to announce that the next milestone release of Boost.Build V2 is
available at

š š
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See also

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for online docs (a copy is included in distribution).

Changes in this release:

    - The Pathscale, PGI and mipspro compilers are now supported.
    - Support for autoconfiguration of toolset based on command-line
      toolset=xxxx request, and for default toolset
      configuration as a fallback.
    - Support for precompiled headers for gcc toolset,
      and improvements for msvc.
    - Mechanism for removing inherited requirements.
    - The 'make' rule support specifying usage-requirements.
    - New 'project.extension' rule for declaring standalone
    - New 'conditional' convenience rule.
    - New 'glob-tree' rule.
    - The 'glob' rule accepts patterns to exclude.
    - Inline targets are now marked explicit automatically.
    - Toolsets can now implicitly add requirements to
    all targets.
    - New 'generate' rule.
    - The executables produced by the 'run' rule are automatically
    removed after run.
    - The gcc toolset uses the version obtained by running
    the compiler, if no explicit one is provided.
    - The sun toolset now supports the 'address-model' feature,
    and uses -KPIC for shared libraries.
    - Free features on command line affect all targets, not
    just 'directly requested' ones.

Documentation changes:

    - Installation instructions for Linux distributors.
    - Configuration options for all supported C++ compilers
    are now documented.

The following bugs were fixed:

    - The 'cflags' and 'linkflags' now work on Darwin.o
    - The intel toolset now works on Windows.
    - Fix library search options for CodeWarriour toolset.
    - The <install-source-root> could cause duplicate
    mkdir commands.
    - Numerious fixes in Boost autolink support
    - Numerious fixes in Boost.Python support.
    - Indirect properties not evaluated in usage requirements.
    - Generator that returns a property set but not target is
    considered successful.
    - On Darwin, when several compiler versions
    are configured, -fcoalesce-templates is applied only to
    versions that need it.

- Volodya

Vladimir Prus
Boost.Build V2:

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