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From: Bill Hoffman (bill.hoffman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-16 22:19:13

David Abrahams wrote:

>> I have talked about adding a cmake --build option
>> that would do the build directly from cmake before on this list.
>> Perhaps if we did that and gave it a group of settings, it would work
>> more like bjam.
> Depends on a lot of detail you've left out. I don't know what "gave
> it a group of settings" means, for example.

I mean create some sort of config file in the cmake language that can
specify things similar to the ones in the user-config.jam file, and
make it more declarative than the ctest -S script currently is.

>> But, if someone wants to try something today with a cmake release, a
>> ctest script can be used to drive the build right now.
>> I am thinking this is more like an interface to the build system
>> rather than part of it.
> Not sure what that means.

I am not sure either... (:

I guess I was trying to say that cmake can build a single
compiler/settings directory well now. The ability to build more than one
configuration in one run of cmake would be adding extra stuff to CMake
that it really does not belong there, and that an interface on top of
cmake, a python script, cmake script, or something else is what is
needed. Basically, you want a higher level interface to cmake that can
build for multiple compilers all with one command.

> IIUC you run ccmake or CMakeSetup for each member of the
> compiler/project cross-product, right? If it were just once for each
> compiler, it *might* be acceptable, if suboptimal. If it's once for
> each compiler for each project, it's totally unacceptable.

Depends on what you mean by a project? The cmake stuff that Doug has
done has cmake files for all the projects in boost. You would run cmake
at the top of the boost tree, and then be able to build all the projects
at once, or each project by itself. However, you could run cmake for
each project if you wanted to only build a small part of boost, and in
that case cmake would be run once for each project. So, I think the
answer is that it would be one ccmake for each compiler set for all of

>> mkdir gcc-3.4; cd gcc-3.4; ccmake .. make cd ..;mkdir gcc-4.2; ccmake
>> .. make cd ..;mkdir msvc-6.5; ccmake .. make
>> After that initial configuration is done, if I change something,
> like what? Change a source file?

Change a source file or a cmake input file. If an input to cmake
changes, then cmake will automatically re-run itself, if a source file
changes then it will get rebuilt, but you don't have to specify the
configuration options more than once per build tree, only the first time.


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