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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-01 13:34:51

On Friday 16 November 2007 21:44:04 John Pavel wrote:
> Just as it is possible to invoke, eg, async exceptions by means of
> project
> : requirements
> <toolset>msvc:<asynch-exceptions>on
> ;
> it would be helpful to be able to set a few other flags, notably for
> different types of special instruction and floating point handling:
> More specifically, could we invoke the use of SSE instructions?
> In gcc, this is done by the -mssse, -mssse2, etc, flags. gcc 4.3.0 also
> provides
> . Support for SSSE3 built-in functions and code generation are available via
> -mssse3 (which also comes with the core2 architecture)
> . Support for SSE4.1 built-in functions and code generation are available
> via -msse4.1.
> . Support for SSE4.2 built-in functions and code generation are available
> via -msse4.2.
> (see
> VC++ has the /arch option (see
> Intel has
> similar.
> Could we also invoke different types of floating point handling:
> For recent versions of VC++ (and Intel compilers) we have /fp:[precise |
> except[-] | fast | strict ] (see
> Gcc has a similar, if more finely grained, set of options.
> These options would be even more useful if combined with the ability to time
> the running of tests, as it would allow the user to test the impact of using
> faster v more accurate fp handling.

I'm not sure. Are those options present in other compilers, in basically
same form. It's probably not worth adding a feature if it's easy to
accomplish using explicit options, and there are just two compilers of interest.

- Volodya

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