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From: Jurko Gospodnetiæ (jurko.gospodnetic_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-06 02:31:00


   Ok, since after this refactoring the changes needed for my tests are
really simple, I just went ahead and committed them. They can easily be
reverted in case I missed something.

> 1. Add a new command-line option --test-config for specifying a test
> configuration file instead of testing whether test-config.jam is located
> on some hard-coded path. This allows each test to decide whether it
> wants to use some central configuration file, none or its own custom
> one. Requires slight tweaks in build-system.jam and

> 2. Make test configuration not disable toolset autoconfiguration. I
> do not know why it did that as it does not cause problems with any tests
> I ran but it does prevent me from preparing a test demonstrating a bug
> with using an autoconfigured default toolset. If we do need this
> disabling it would be trivial to add a clean explicit option for this.
> Changes boil down to removing one assignment in build-system.jam.

> 3. Add a way for configuration scripts to set the toolset used by
> default (instead of msvc/gcc). If not set - current behaviour is used.
> Again, needed for the test mentioned above. Slight addition to
> toolset.jam and boost-build.jam.

> 4. Split up --ignore-config option into separate options as this one
> has too many duties, some of which are not even documented, its name
> does not reflect its duties and at least one of its duties seems like a bug.
> * Prevents loading site configuration. --> I'd add a
> --ignore-site-config option for this.

> * Prevents loading user configuration. --> We can do this after this
> last cleanup I did by specifying --user-config= or --user-config="" on
> the command line.
> * Disables Boost Build's toolset auto-configuration. --> As above, if
> this is really needed - it would be trivial to add a
> --disable-toolset-autoconf option or something similar.
> * As a consequence of disabling Boost Build's toolset
> auto-configuration the --toolset option does not work. You can still
> specify a toolset using the toolset=XXX format or simply using it as an
> implicit feature value XXX. --> This one I believe is a pure bug...

   I have not removed --ignore-config as I do not know what it is being
used for. As far as I can see, nothing in Boost or Boost Build uses it
and that Boost Build documentation mentions it only superficially.

   Best regards,
     Jurko Gospodnetic

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