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From: Juergen Hunold (juergen.hunold_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-19 14:16:59

Hi Jurko !

Sorry, I was without internet over the weekend and got swamped with work
on Mondy...

On Sunday 17 February 2008, Jurko Gospodnetiæ wrote:
> I played with this a bit and below are some comments. Note that I
> did not go deep into any implementation details as I do not fully
> comprehend how all the changed parts work together...

Me neither ;-))

> * Could it be made to work the same even when source paths are
> given as absolute names but still point to inside the source-location
> tree? Currently it treats such paths as it did before - just placing
> them in the top-level build folder.

Well, I just tried to improve the patch from Volodya. I think that the
full build path is not available in generators.jam. I'll have to check

> * Related to the previous comment, if you have source-location
> /A/B/C and specify a source file as ../C/X/x.cpp, could it correctly
> create the obj target in X/x.obj instead of just x.obj?

This also depends on the issue above.

> * Is there a better way to report from path.relative that the
> given 'child' folder is not actually a child to the given 'parent'
> folder than returning a string 'not-a-child'. OK, I know I'm
> nitpicking, but 'not-a-child' might be a valid folder name. How about
> returning a pair of (success-flag, value) instead of using up such a
> folder name as a failure flag.

I'll check this

> * One project I tried testing this on had quite a deep source
> folder hierarchy and enabling this behavior causes its build to fail
> due to the used target folder path becoming too long.

Ouch. This is on Windows, right ?

> --abbreviate-paths option saved the day this time but it could quite
> easily not have been enough. What can be done about this anyway?
> Properties themselves sometimes cause target folder hierarchies to
> become too deep and this only aggravates the problem... :-(

I fear this is way beyond my current (read: nearly non-existant)(b)jam
and Boost.Build knowledge :-(( And the recent thread about this issue
endet with no clear solution, at least to me...

> * Typo in comment in generators.jam.
> s/with the same in two/with the same name in two/

Will be fixed.

> Hope this helps.

Sure. I now know where to look. But please don't expect too much, I'm
struggling to get some time to get a deeper understanding of the beast.



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