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From: Roland Schwarz (roland.schwarz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-20 04:48:24

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Have you read the docs, where it talks about dependencies on
> generated headers?

Ok, finally I managed to come up with something close to working
by inspecting the bison.jam file from the tools source directory.

Accidentally I dicovered that I need to output BOTH a *.cpp _and_
a *.hpp file from my generator. A hpp alone does not work.
( Perhaps this should be mentioned somewhere, since codegeneratos
are a likely usage case. And for folks that favor header only
libs, a hpp only case is desirable.)

So I generate a dummy cpp file for now.

Now I ran into another kind of problem when I am trying to write an
install rule for the generated headers.

Since not all of my headers are single rooted (some live in the
build directory tree) I wanted to have a "install headers" target,
in contrast to using the package module. My intent was to being
able to tell where each headers source and target dir is.

The unexpected behaviour I am seeing is, that _if_ I use the
<install-source-root>tag the bb tries to do something (wrong)
and when I leave it out it complains about duplicate name of
actual target. Whitout posting some code:

1) How can the presence of <install-source-root> influence
   this behaviour ? (I mean bailing out at an early stage.)

2) How can I convince the install rule that I really want to
   install into a parallel tree, i.e. having a common ancestor
   that is reachable by ../../myinstall ? I am getting errors
   from mkdir telling me beeing unable to create
   /blah/fasel/.. type directories. (This is with <install-source-root>

Thank you so much.

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