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From: Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-01 19:12:00

Jurko Gospodnetić wrote:
> 1. When using cygwin doxygen 1.5.5 from the cmd shell and using the
> native Windows bjam built using msvc:

I don't use this configuration. I use cygwin+gcc+doxygen for everything.
<snip errors>

> 2. When using cygwin doxygen 1.5.5 from the cygwin bash shell and
> using the cygwin bjam built using gcc 3.4.4:
> - I had to battle a bit with paths containing spaces. :-) I'll commit
> a patch for doxygen.jam that made those problems go away. Please give
> them a spin. They should not break anything, but... :-)

Great, thanks.

> - When I do a clean build I get an error at some point stating that
> the "/cygdrive/c/Documents and
> Settings/Jurko/Desktop/Boost_trunk/bin.v2/libs/accumulators" folder can
> not be created because it already exists. The error is not reported in
> case I simply rerun the build without removing the bin.v2 folder. This
> might be something akin to your original problem. If so, then maybe we
> got lucky and I have something to go on in tracking that problem down.
> :-) I may even know where to look for this as I seem to recall dealing
> with something similar in the regular Windows bjam build a few months
> ago. But I'll have to get back to this later...

Yes, this sounds like exactly the problem.

> - When running the xslt-xsltproc-dir rule I get errors about the
> XML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable failing to be exported. Those
> warnings do not seem to stop the build though.

I see these errors too. I don't know what they mean.

> - When running the build there are several xslt related errors like:
>> Cannot find class named 'boost::accumulators::accumulator_set'
>> Cannot find class named 'boost::accumulators::depends_on'
>> Cannot find class named 'boost::accumulators::feature_of'
>> Cannot find class named 'boost::accumulators::as_feature'
>> Cannot find class named 'boost::accumulators::features'
>> Cannot find class named 'boost::accumulators::external'

That's nothing to worry about.

>> ../../../bin.v2/libs/accumulators/doc/gcc-3.4.4/debug/accumulators.xml:6235:
>> parser error : Entity 'uuml' not defined
>> to thank Daniel Egloff of <ulink
>> url="">Z&uuml;rcher Kan

Hmm, that looks like my bug.

> Btw. when compiling boostbook I get a lot of compilation warnings like
> "This header is deprecated. Please use:
> boost/spirit/include/classic_position_iterator.hpp". Was this intended
> or no one just had the time to update boostbook to use the new Spirit
> library headers?

You probably get those warnings when building quickbook. They can be
ignored for now -- it'll be fixed later. You can avoid rebuilding
quickbook by putting something like this in your user-config.jam:

using quickbook : /home/ericne/boost/org/trunk/dist/bin/quickbook.exe ;

Eric Niebler
BoostPro Computing

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