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From: William Ladwig (wladwig_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-22 12:09:32

I'm a newbie and still trying to get a handle on the Boost Build system, so bear with me. I'm trying to build the Boost Python library using the Portland Group Compiler v7.2-3 and Boost v1_36_0. It looks like there may be some support for pgi now, as it appears as one of the available toolsets when using the ./configure option. It seems to build the bjam application correctly, but when it tries to build the Boost Python module (or any other boost library), it dies with many errors of this sort:

-ftemplate-depth-128 -O3 -finline-functions -Wno-inline -Wall -fPIC -pthread -DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1 -DBOOST_PYTHON_SOURCE -DNDEBUG -I"." -I"/home/wdt/Python2.5/include/python2.5" -c -o "bin.v2/libs/python/build/gcc/release/threading-multi/numeric.o" "libs/python/src/numeric.cpp"

...failed gcc.compile.c++ bin.v2/libs/python/build/gcc/release/threading-multi/n
gcc.compile.c++ bin.v2/libs/python/build/gcc/release/threading-multi/list.o
/bin/sh: line 1: -ftemplate-depth-128: command not found

(Many more errors like this)

It seems like it can't find the pgi compiler, or is trying to use gcc or something weird. When I did some searching, I found the pgi.jam file in /home/wdt/boost_1_36_0/tools/build/v2/tools, which seems like it's setup ok. How do I get the boost builder to use this file?

Here is how I called ./configure:

(Python and boost need to be installed in the home directory since our IT guys won't let us touch the default Redhat installation)

./configure --with-libraries=python --with-python=/home/wdt/Python2.5/bin/python --with-python-root=/home/wdt/Python2.5 --with-python-version=2.5 --with-toolset=pgi --prefix=/home/wdt/boost
Building Boost.Jam with toolset pgi... tools/jam/src/bin.linuxx86_64/bjam

My user-config.jam file looks like:

# Boost.Build Configuration
# Automatically generated by Boost configure

# Compiler configuration
using pgi ;

# Python configuration
using python : 2.5 : /home/wdt/Python2.5 ;

Does anyone have any tips, hints, or hack-o-riffic techniques for compiling Boost Python with PGI? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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