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Subject: Re: [Boost-build] FW: Installing generated .pdb along with generated .exe
From: Lin Luo (chris.luolin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-07-18 02:49:59

Thanks Michael! Sounds like something do-able.


However, would it ever be considered as a general feature to be added into
default Boost Build features? I am not talking about .pdb files
specifically, I am talking about the install rule having the ability to
specify a list of "extra" files to be copied along with the target, since
otherwise the list of "link-static/thread-muti/optimization-off/etc"
attributes folders have to be hard coded in order to copy the rest files.


Or, is there a way to get the target path in a generic way (like a system
variable $(target-path)), so I can somehow use this target path so I can
copy whatever I want into wherever I want?


Totally random thoughts, might sound stupid after all. J


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Subject: Re: [Boost-build] FW: Installing generated .pdb along with
generated .exe


Lin -- to get this behavour, I defined a PDB file type and then added it to
the list of generated artifacts in the lines that register the linker and
archiver in msvc.jam. By declaring it this way, it automatically gets copied
with the exe by the stage / install rules.


One drawback is that if you build with <debug-store>object then the stage
rules fails because no pdb is generated. To get around this, I used a
$(TOUCH_FILE) hack in the link action to generate a dummy file.





On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 3:01 AM, Lin Luo <chris.luolin_at_[hidden]> wrote:



From: Lin Luo [mailto:chris.luolin_at_[hidden]]
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Conversation: Installing generated .pdb along with generated .exe
Subject: Installing generated .pdb along with generated .exe


Hi there,


I did a brief search and didn't seem to find an exact answer to my question:


What is the recommended way to let the install rule to install generated
.pdb file along with the generated .exe file to the same destination
directory for later packaging?


Say I have the directory structure like below: (the output directories are
using boost build default settings)














By using the install rule, I am able to install the executable (only) to the
'bin' directory right below my ProjectRoot for easy packaging without
worrying about all the boost build default output directory settings for
different targets (lin-static/thread-multi/etc.), but how would I normally
install the generated .pdb file together with the .exe file to the top level
bin directory without resorting to hard code all the intermediate boost
build directories?


The Boost Build documentation for <install-type> and <install-dependencies>
don't seem to be the proper choice, or am I missing anything?





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