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Subject: Re: [Boost-build] follow-up to my earlier post
From: Ray Lambert (codemonkey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-14 03:30:26

On 04/13/2010 04:46 PM, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> On Sunday 11 April 2010 21:36:37 Ray Lambert wrote:
>> A few weeks ago I posted an inquiry regarding the detection of
>> dependency changes during a build, which included a test case that
>> demonstrates the issue. Here's my original post:
>> <>
> Ray,
> the caching of timestamp at a random moment during build process is expected.
> I don't know what effect such caching has on run-time performance, compared
> to calling 'stat' on files as necessary, and this is a code we've inherited
> from Perforce Jam. I don't have any high-level reason why this behaviour
> should be like that, but probably don't have the time to experiment with
> removing it right now either.
> Hope this at least clarifies the situation.

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for your response.

I'd like to clarify what I meant by caching time stamps.

I don't know much about the BB internals but I envision at least two
major phases: the parsing phase (when Jamfiles are read and tables are
built) and the building phase.

I've observed that the SHELL command executes before anything gets
built. So it appears that it is executed either during the parsing
phase or during some intermediate phase between parsing and building.

This suggests that the SHELL command might be useful for running an
external tool that might modify some dependencies before the actual
build starts. This should work if time stamps are read during the
building phase. However, this does not appear to be the case (as my
test case demonstrates).

My hope would be that BB could be made to delay the reading of time
stamps until the latest moment possible, or at least until the build
phase. This would allow the SHELL command (or something similar) to
launch external tools before the build and to have their effects noticed
by BB.

As it is right now, the only way to run any tools like this prior to the
build is to use a build script and invoke bjam from it. It would be
much better (IMO) if one could invoke those sorts of things directly
from BB.

Here are some examples from my experience:

1) I have a tool that retrieves the current source control revision
number and updates a header file if it has changed so that it can be
compiled into my app. The app needs to rebuild when the header file is
updated, of course. I would also like to be able to rebuild this tool
prior to running it, if its out of date.

2) I have a tool that reads a schema definition and generates a .cpp
file and a .h file if they're out of date. The .cpp file needs to be
compiled into a static lib and the .h file needs to trigger other files
in the project to rebuild. As with (1), I would also like to be able to
rebuild this tool prior to running it, if its out of date.

I have not been able to get these to work with BB but they are easy to
do with make or with most GUI-based build systems. I've tried many ways
to make these work but I am either stymied by BB reading the time stamps
too early (as discussed above) or being unable to ensure the correct
order of operations or getting different results when I invoke the build
from different directories. (Unfortunately, I probably can't recall all
the details of what I tried because it has been a while since I last
played around with this. But I know that I've tried the 'make',
'nofile', 'generate' and custom rules and SHELL has come the closest to

Again, I understand that BB has a lot of inherited code and that it may
not be practical or possible to make it work the way I suggest. But I
just want to be sure that I've described the issue adequately.

(Other than these issues, BTW, I love BB!)

Thanks again for your help,


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