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Subject: Re: [Boost-build] [boost] Python port development
From: Artyom (artyomtnk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-08 15:47:20

I have few questions:

** Would new build system still require writing Jam Files? **

According to description looks it it keeps bjam .

IF **YES** :

How does this addresses following issue:

> No user knows that language, making it hard to extend Boost.Build or become new

As writing build scripts is far form specifying sources, libraries and
executable I don't see
how this forwards Boost.Build. Because bjam syntax remains same cryptic unknown
and badly documented

On the other hand it adds even more complexity requiring installation of both
Python, BBv2 and bjam.
Even worth, it seems that BBv2 evolves in something like autotools (at least
last one well documented):
Where configuration system and build rules has two entry different languages
(automake and autoconf).

Isn't it step backward?

IF **NO** :

Why implement totally new build system in Python AND Bjam when there are several
existing ones:

- SCons already written in python and require only it.
- CMake the build system that exists, supported and works (it probably only
normal build system
  that supports Windows)

Why spending many man-hours in order to write new build system instead of
improving existing ones?

** What version of Python BBv2 will support **

Python had recently released the last 2.7 version and put 2.x branch for
maintenance, so do
you plan using Python 3?




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