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Subject: [Boost-build] python lib for Boost-Build engine and swig
From: Joseph Stein (joseph_d_stein_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-24 11:11:52

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 font-family: 'Courier New'; }  I found out when goggling that boost is trying to create a python-based Boost.Build library.  I wondering if any one thought about taking this one step further with swig and not limiting them self to just python?  I think this might be a little easer to do but i don't no a lot about swig so it hard to say. The reason Why I think this would be good is for several reason ....
1.)It would allow for control by IDE not written in c++ or python.(java NetBeans for example could use it natively in there own language to control Boost-Build form there ide) 2.)It would allow people to write praser(in other languages other that c++ or python) for more then just jam files(they could make a prase to read cmakeList.txt for example.) 3.) It would I believe lead to my idea of a perfect build system.(but i could be wrong I sure it can be debated) IMHO I have not been very happy with the build system out there they all see half baked they have the following problems. 1.)they demand to use there language when parsing files for example cmake can only read cmakeList.txt the can’t read jamfiles,MakeFiles or the format scons uses.  I would like to see a build system actually smart enough to read (The developer choose build file format.) instead of demanding you to user there build format(you might say there language)     what would be relay nice is have a build system smart enough to read a CmakeList.txt.makefile or what ever file and make a Jam file and vise versa.
2.) Most build-system I find hard to read Cmake,Scon,autoMake are all bad at this(please remember this is all my opinion) I think makefiles are better.

3.) They have a steep learning curve.  I spent alot of time trying to leaner cMake and automake and got no ware 

I alway thought It would be good to have a build system that can handle build files ment for other build system. I think this could be implement that by make boost-build look for plugin(for a praser) or scripts (for a parser) in a directory(s) .  For example we could have 1  plugin for a jamfile praser and another for cmake praser.  I case you are wounding where i Got my Info
I found some doc at

>From the paragraph I read quote
Create a Python-based Boost.Build library.
All the functionality available to BBv2 users shall be provided in the form of a library with a well-documented API. Parsers for higher-level languages, such as bjam, may be developed and use that API.
An abstract interface between the library and the build engine shall be defined and used, thus avoiding mixing library code with direct calls to a specific build engine and simplifying integration with different build engines.

*********************************************************** Please forgive me I know it sound like (I’m complaining and I deserver nothing)  this rely not my attempt. I just want to being my idea out in the open and tell you my hope for boost-build) and I don’t know how to word it any other way. ***************************************************************

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