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Subject: Re: [Boost-build] Status of b2 and all the python tools in the build directory?
From: Jess (jess_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-12-19 13:14:25

> > So my question is, what are all the python scripts that have been
> > paralleling the jam files for a few years? Is this some sort of effort to
> > make rules and modifications easier to make?
> Yes. The idea to to use a mainstream
> programming language instead of Jam
> (which has a lot of odd quirks).
> > Is this an ongoing project?
> I don't think there's been any major work
> done on this for a while and a lot of modules
> are still unported.
Thanks. Was there ever anything written up about the goals? Was the
idea to replace Jamfiles or keep them more or less the same but allow for
python logic? Was the idea abandoned because fresh starts like SCons made
more sense? Is b2 still the best solution? If you got paid to put together
a build system what route would you go?

> > I can define a local or third-party lib in such a way that the far-down
> > Jamfiles only need to say /third/some_other_lib in a source list and b2
> > will correctly find the right one amongst the ten or so options depending
> > on toolset, target-os, variant, and so on. However, if I try to use that
> > name in a project requirements or use-requirements declaration (with
> > <library>, it never seems to find it.
> >
> This ought to work.
> a) I'm assuming from what you've said that the
> library is found correctly when you specify it
> as a source.
> b) Does it work if you use <library> directly in
> the target requirements?
> c) Does it work if you use <source> instead of library?
> d) Does it work if you just have a simple library
> with no alternatives?
SOLVED: It was, of course, a silly mistake. My post gave it away. In
the one case I had correctly used /thirdparty//somelib and in the
other I had left out the second /.

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