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Subject: Re: [Boost-build] Installing boost 1.59 from .tgz on Linux Mint 17.3 failed with "command.c(63): error: identifier "__INT_MAX__" is undefined"
From: Andreas Delleske (delleske_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-12-18 09:52:05

Dear John,

Many thanks for your answer..

> Works for me with Intel-15.0.2 on Ubuntu.


> As a quick workaround can you not build bjam with gcc?

Sure -

> The compiler you
> use to build bjam has no relation to what's used to actually build Boost
> BTW, so you can still build Boost with the Intel toolset.

Ah OK - so uses gcc to build bjam / b2? And then b2 puts
all the files in place? And those files are compiler-agnostic?

I started with --prefix=/opt/boost/1.59.0/intel-linux -
seemed to work, although nothing has been put into the folder.

Then I started b2 with

./b2 --prefix=/opt/boost/1.59.0/intel-linux --toolset=linux stage

(I also tried with --toolset=intel-linux, same problem)

... and now I get all kinds of funny errors like:

    "icpc" -c -xc++ -w1 -inline-level=2 -O3 -ip -pthread -fPIC -m64

...failed intel-linux.compile.c++
In file included from ./boost/config/compiler/intel.hpp(37),
                 from ./boost/config.hpp(39),
                 from ./boost/filesystem/config.hpp(28),
                 from libs/filesystem/src/path_traits.cpp(20):
./boost/config/compiler/gcc.hpp(283): error: #error directive: "Compiler
not configured - please reconfigure"
  # error "Compiler not configured - please reconfigure"

I don't get it.

What do I need to do?

Does boost not just check all its dependencies?

Why do I have to produce a "bjam" program first? I feel dumb and dumber.

Why are there no .deb or .rpm installers?

I am able to build a helloworld program with Intel and icpc -v shows:

icpc version 16.0.0 (gcc version 3.2.0 compatibility)

Unfortunately, i am not using boost myself but I'm trying to install it
for our developer..

Thanks -

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