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Subject: [Boost-build] Change in behavior of lib task in 1.66.0
From: Ian Emmons (ian_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-01-05 16:46:58

I am using Boost.Build as the build infrastructure for my own project.
I have the following setup:

* I use --layout=versioned when I build the Boost libraries.

* In site-config.jam, I have defined aliases for the precompiled Boost
libraries that I use, like so:

alias BoostFileSystem
   : # no sources
     # the other seven variations of 64/32, shared/static, and
debug/release here
   : # no default build
   : <include>$(BoostDir) <threading>multi

* In my project's jam file I build a shared library and install it, like

lib Parliament
   : [ glob *.cpp ] /site-config//BoostFileSystem
   : <include>. <threading>multi
   : # default build
   : <include>. <threading>multi

install distribution
   : Parliament
   : <location>$(InstallLocation) <install-dependencies>on
   : # default build
   : # usage requirements

In Boost 1.65.1, this all worked very nicely. However, in 1.66.0, the
lib task fails to put the filesystem shared library on the link line.
If I remove the version number at the very end of the filesystem file
name in the alias (so that I am relying on the symbolic links created
when Boost is built), then the link works properly. I am guessing that
starting in 1.66.0, Boost.Build no longer recognizes file names ending
in a version as shared libraries, so it doesn't know what to do with

Leaving off the version numbers in the alias seems like a nice
work-around, except that it causes the install task to do the wrong
thing. The install task "copies" the symbolic links, meaning that it
creates copies of the files themselves, but under the file name of the
symbolic link. This causes my shared library to fail to load, because
the dependency name embedded in it by the linker includes the version
number at the end. (Apparently, the linker is smarter about how it
follows the symbolic links.)

How can I make this work again as it did under version 1.65.1?

BTW, thank you for including the address model in the library names --
that is a big improvement!



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