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Subject: Re: [Boost-build] zlib and bipz2 not linking?
From: Steven Watanabe (watanabesj_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-09-07 14:50:28


On 09/06/2018 09:43 PM, Kuhl, Brian via Boost-build wrote:
> Hi Experts,
> When cross compiling for VxWorks on Linux ...
> In previous versions of Boost the presence of libz.a and libbz2.a were detected and linked into iostreams tests.
> But with v1.68 the libraries are not being added to the link line.
> Please see below for an example error.
> The config-cache and the build console indicate that libz and bzip are being found, it's just not being used when required.
> I'm having trouble deciphering ac.jam, so I was hopping someone could help me understand how a dependency on /zlib//zlib is supposed to add -lz to the link line?
> And why it might not work in my case?

  What's supposed to happen is that ac-library.construct
returns a target representing -lz. When boost_iostreams
is built as a static library, it propagates this target
to its dependencies as a <library> usage requirement.
I would recommend --debug-building and/or --debug-generators,
but that just shows the dependency as <library>object(file-target)@NNN
which is not really useful.

  Okay, try building just one test target with
`--debug-building --debug-generators -n -d0`.
There are two things that you should be looking
for in the output. First of all, there should
be two lines like this:

         Usage requirements for boost_iostreams: ...
         Build properties: ... <install-dependencies>off
<library>object(file-target)@4855 ...

If the <library> is missing, then that means that zlib is
not being passed to the boost_iostreams target.

The second line to look for is:
         Usage requirements from boost_iostreams: <include>.
<library>object(file-target)@4855 <relevant>address-model ...

If there is no library here, then that means the problem
is in the propagation of static libraries.

> Many thanks,
> Brian Kuhl
> Wind River
> . ./ && cd status && \
> BOOST_TELNET_ADDR="localhost 20023" \
> LAYER_SRC_PATH="yow-build62-lx:VSB/3pp/BOOST/boost_1_68_0" \
> PKG_SRC_BUILD_DIR="/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/3pp/BOOST/boost_1_68_0" \
> VSB_LD_LIBRARY_PATH="yow-build62-lx:VSB/usr/root/llvm/bin;yow-build62-lx:VSB/usr/lib/common" \
> ../b2 -j1 --prefix=/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/usr/root --libdir=/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/usr/lib/common --includedir=/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/usr/h/public toolset=clang-vxworks cross-compile=vxworks --reconfigure target-os=vxworks "variant=debug" address-model=64 static-only=on "testing.launcher=./vxworks_boost_test_run.exp" "--limit-tests=iostreams|system" "--exclude-tests=coroutine2|function_types|functional|logic|rational" -d2
> Performing configuration checks
> - default address-model : 64-bit
> - default architecture : x86
> - default address-model : 64-bit
> - default architecture : x86
> - symlinks supported : yes
> - BOOST_COMP_GNUC >= 4.3.0 : no
> - zlib : yes
> - bzip2 : yes
> - lzma : no
> <snip>
> ../bin.v2/libs/iostreams/test/bzip2_test.test/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/bzip2_test.vxe
> /yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/vx7/compilers/llvm- -m elf_x86_64 -L"/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/usr/lib/common" -o "../bin.v2/libs/iostreams/test/bzip2_test.test/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/bzip2_test.vxe" /yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/usr/lib/common//crt0.o "../bin.v2/libs/iostreams/test/bzip2_test.test/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/bzip2_test.o" "../bin.v2/libs/iostreams/build/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/libboost_iostreams.a" "../bin.v2/libs/test/build/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/libboost_unit_test_framework.a" "../bin.v2/libs/filesystem/build/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/libboost_filesystem.a" "../bin.v2/libs/timer/build/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/libboost_timer.a" "../bin.v2/libs/chrono/build/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/libboost_chrono.a" "../bin.v2/libs/system/build/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/libboost_system.a" --start-group -lunix -lnet -lc -lc_internal -lllvm -lcplusplus -lllvmcplus -ldl -lsyscall --end-group --defsym __wrs_rtp_base=0x200000000 -u __tls__ -u __wr_need_frame_add -T/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/vx7/helix/guests/vxworks-7/build/tool/llvm_2016_04/usr/ldscript.vxe.x86-64 -L/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/usr/lib/common -z common-page-size=8192 -static
> ../bin.v2/libs/iostreams/build/clang-vxworks-4.2.1/debug/cross-compile-vxworks/static-only-on/libboost_iostreams.a(bzip2.o): In function `boost::iostreams::detail::bzip2_base::end(bool)':
> /yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/work/VSB/3pp/BOOST/boost_1_68_0/status/../libs/iostreams/src/bzip2.cpp:121: undefined reference to `BZ2_bzCompressEnd'
> <snip>

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