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From: Kuhl, Brian (brian.kuhl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-03-21 18:51:48

Hi Boost Builders,
Wind River has released a VxWorks SDK under a non-commercial license, so VxWorks is finally available without purchase to the "Maker" community

I'm working with the engineer responsible for the SDK to enable it's use with Boost.
I've even been experimenting with Travis and have Yaml script that uses the SDK partially working.

However, to proceed any further I need to update clang-vxworks.jam to something current. And I don't understand the output of
or the syntax of
that is involved in the failure.

Could someone with a bit more knowledge help me out? Python is not my strong point, output at the end of this email

Brian Kuhl
Wind River

failure {{{
"['/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/build/test/../src/engine/b2', '-sBOOST_BUILD_PATH="/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/build/test/.."', '--user-config=', '-sPYTHON_CMD=/usr/bin/python', 'target-os=vxworks', '-j1', 'toolset=clang-vxworks-4.0.1', '--test-config="/yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/build/test/test-config.jam"']" returned 1
reason {{{
unexpected status returned by bjam
changes caused by the last build command {{{
Added files : ['bin/project-cache.jam', 'bin/config.log', 'bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/main.o', 'bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/lib.o']
Removed files : []
Modified files: []
Touched files : []

...found 11 targets...
...updating 8 targets...
clang-vxworks.compile.c++ bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/lib.o bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/
['ld', '-o', 'bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/', 'bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/lib.o', '--start-group', '--end-group']

    /tmp/tmpFZnwzs/src/bin/ld -o "bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/" "bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/lib.o" --start-group --end-group

...failed bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/
clang-vxworks.compile.c++ bin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks/main.o
...skipped <pbin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks>test.vxe for lack of <pbin/clang-vxworks-4.0.1/debug/target-os-vxworks>
...failed updating 1 target...
...skipped 1 target...
...updated 6 targets...


stacktrace {{{
at line 608 of /yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/build/test/ (fail_test)
              from line 497 of /yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/build/test/ (run_build_system)
              from line 110 of /yow-build62-lx2/bkuhl/build/test/ (test_toolset)
              from line 20 of ./ (<module>)


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