Thanks guys. I'll try it.
BTW, It might already mentioned by somebody but to get advantage of pch files (automatic or manual) it would be good idea to pass list of .cpp files to compiler instead of loading compiler process per file.

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Alex Odinaev wrote:
> > To prove it I need a performance report after bjam done.
> > At least it would be nice to know how long it takes on project level.


> 2. There's a comprehensive memory and time debug info mode which keeps track
> of all the rules called. Turn this on with the "-d+10" option. This doesn't
> time the actions themselves though.
> And of course you can time overall execution externally. I.e. "time bjam ...".

If you want a good result, make sure you use BBv2 and bjam built from
CVS HEAD its so much faster on the filesystem operations that the 'do
nothing' or 'almost nothing' times are silly without it.


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