>> bjam --prefix=/opt/boost "-sTOOLS=gcc" "-sSUFDLL=.sl" "-sBUILD=debug
>> release <runtime-link>dynamik <threading>multi <cxxflags>-D_REENTRANT
>> <cxxflags>-fpic <release><optimization>speed" install
>> But I get only libboost__<xxx>-gcc-mt-1_33_1.a and
>> libboost_<xxx>-gcc-mt-d-1_33_1.a libraries. No
>> libboost__<xxx>-gcc-mt-1_33_1.sl libboost__<xxx>-gcc-mt-d-1_33_1.sl?

>Perhaps because of the typo in "dynamik"?  It should be spelled "dynamic".



Oh yes – it was a typo!


But anyway:


command ‘bjam --prefix=/opt/boost "-sTOOLS=gcc" "-sSUFDLL=.sl"  "-sBUILD=release <threading>multi <cxxflags>-fpic" install’



-                          an segmentation fault while loading the signals library! (see my previous email ‘[boost] bug in signals library? - segmentation fault(onlylinked) -> exit(11) called’)

-                         libraries iostreams and wave have only extension *.a (no *.sl)


command ‘bjam --prefix=/opt/boost "-sTOOLS=gcc" "-sBUILD=release <threading>multi <cxxflags>-fpic" install’

-                          segmentation fault disappears

-                          library wave is build with *.a extension only (no *.so)



It seams that boost build system has some problems! Please don’t ignore this as you did before!