Thanks!  I'll grab the latest.


Vladimir Prus <> wrote:
On Sunday 29 January 2006 21:19, Mark Evans wrote:
> The boost-build userman.pdf (Boost Build v2 User Manual) that I snagged
> off the web refers to a "Jamroot" file at the top of a project tree. Has
> this been deprecated? I don't find any instance of this name in the bb2
> source distribution and if I rename my top "Jamfile" to "Jamroot" things
> don't work.

No, in the CVS version Jamroot does work, an I use it regularly. The previous
released version indeed does not allow Jamroot, and requires top-level dir to
contain file named project-root.jam. To use Jamroot, you need the nightly
build, which is generally recommended as being better.

- Volodya
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