Has there been any progress on this issue?  I am getting this assertion failure with the latest nightly build on CYGWIN which was installed using the default /cygdrive/c .  Can I edit out the assertion as a workaround or what?


Rene Rivera <grafik.list@redshift-software.com> wrote:
John Maddock wrote:
> An assertion fails when trying to build with cygwin gcc, anyone any ideas?
> assertion "!strcmp( l->string, "c:\\foo\\bar" )" failed: file "expand.c",

Yes! :-)

There's code in the var_expand_unit_test that tries to verify the
functionality of expanding paths. In the case of Cygwin it wants to
check that something like "/cygdrive/c/foo/bar" is translated to
something like "c:\foo\bar". The problem comes in that the "/cygdrive"
part is a user configurable path on Cygwin. I wrote code that tries to
decipher what that 'cygdrive' is, as there doesn't seem to be any Cygwin
call to get that value. Unfortunately, or fortunately from my POV, I
don't have Cygwin to test with. So any help in getting that code working
is appreciated ;-)

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