Hi Richard,

The only way I found to successfully build universal binaries of boost was using Adobe's ASL and patch:


If you just follow their instructions, it will build certain boost libraries. If you need some of the other boost libraries, then you can edit adobe-source/adobe/bin/build.sh so that MODE includes the flag --asl-all-boost.

I had to do some other steps to get boost.python working. Let me know if you need further instructions. If you find a better way to build boost as a universal binary, please let me know or post on the list!


I've been fighting with the documentation for the last day and I can't

figure out exactly what the best way to do this is. the nearest I've come is


bjam --v2 release debug link=static,shared

but I'm not sure how to go about specifing to build for i386 and ppc, I've

found various docs and tried -arch, architecture=, etc... but they all

result in build errors.

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Jane Lin
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