I have a rule that generates a header file from a specification file, using a program under development called mockgen.  I would like to make sure that the files mockgen generates get updated whenever the mockgen program itself gets updated.  So far I have been unsuccessful in making this happen.  Here's what I've tried.  In Jamroot I have these lines:

  actions mockgenimpl
    mockgen < $(2) > $(1)

  rule mockgen ( stem )
    DEPENDS Mock_$(stem).hpp : /usr/local/bin/mockgen ;
    make Mock_$(stem).hpp : $(stem).mockgen : $(__name__).mockgenimpl ;

In the Jamfile for the directory where the headers get generated I have these lines:

  mockgen workflow_mgr_core ;
  mockgen module_store ;

Yet when mockgen gets rebuilt (in an unrelated project) and reinstalled to /usr/local/bin/mockgen, the Mock_workflow_mgr_core.hpp and Mock_module_store.hpp header files do not get rebuilt.

What am I doing wrong?