Is there any difference between the install rule vs. the stage rule in BBv2?  The manual (userman.pdf from boost-build-2.0-m11) describes the "install" rule in section "User documentation - Builtin target types - Installing" (p. 23), but in several other places it refers to a "stage" rule that seems to have a purpose similar to "install".  I looked at tools/stage.jam, and it looks as if this module imports the rule stage.install into the global module under both of the names "install" and "stage", which would indicate that they are in fact the same rule; but as my grasp of Jam is still pretty weak, I would like to hear from an expert whether this conclusion is correct.


BTW, I believe there is a typo in the install/alias example shown at the top of p. 24 in userman.pdf.  Shouldn't the second and third rules be "alias" rules instead of "install" rules?