This is my third attempt to post this – sorry if it turns up more than once, but the other attempts seem to have been lost in the ether.

I've been struggling for a while now to get vc8, boost and stlport to behave well together - but now moving to 1.34 I don't even know where to start.

I've searched through documents and web pages all over the place, but regardless of what I try either the boost build dies or I get a bunch of libraries without stlport support (i.e. all libs named without the 'p'). Amongst other things I've tried editing user-config.jam, old command lines from 1.33.1, passing bjam -toolset=msvc-stlport, and variations on the "using msvc : 8.0s : <stdlib>stlport ;" suggested by Dave Abrahams prior to the official release of 1.34 - about the only useful reference to this topic I could find.

Adding "stdlib=stlport" to the commandline seems to give the 'p' library names, but the files still use the vc std lib (as can be seen by linking errors with my projects and by looking at the lib/dll exports in the IDE (and instances of "std" rather than "stlp_std")).

So, assuming I just want a default 1.34 build in vc8, except with STLPort support what should I be doing?

I'm probably just missing something really obvious (it.s always the way), but it's starting to drive me crazy!

Thanks for advance for any help (and apologies if I've posted to the wrong place or recovered old ground).