Hi all,
I have been trying to install Boost in order to use Boost.MPI. My environment is an IBM Power 4 with Virtual Age compiler. The system itself has a wrapper compiler called mpCC that calls xlc compiler with required extra parameters for mpi.
Here is what I encountered so far:
1) I can build bjam using  "./build.sh vacpp" without problems.
2) If I try to use the mpCC wrapper compiler by adding
"using mpi: /usr/bin/mpCC ;" to user-config.jam, what I get after running "bjam --with-mpi" is :
"MPI auto-detection failed: unknown wrapper compiler /usr/bin/mpCC"
Ok, that is understandable. I guess I need to tell bjam which libraries should be linked (and where they are), what are the include directories. However I am completely lost on how to do these parts? Which file and how?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
-- Aydin