I’ve hit another scenario now.  It seems like you can specify a link search path if you explicitly specify the static or dynamic library, such as like this:


python-extension MyExt :

   src.cpp :

   <name>MyLib <search>MyPath





python-extension MyExt

   : src.cpp MyPath//MyLib



Hopefully I’ve interpreted that much correctly.  That was what I gathered from reading the guide.


However, in our code we often use the pragma comment (autolink) mechanism to say which library we’re linking to, like so in the code:


#pragma comment(lib, “MyLib.lib”)


Is there some way to supply a search path to BJam, so that for a given build, it searches there when linking.  Something like (just guessing at what the syntax might be):


python-extension MyExt :


  : <link-path>MyPath



I didn’t find a clear answer to this from the documentation (though it’s quite possible I missed it).


Just trying to get going with all of this; I apologize for the high volume of questions.

Thanks in advance,