My problem is linking with compiled boost binaries placed in my boost-install directory.
My concrete example arose form timer example #1 from asio. The library to link with is boost_date_time.
The file below does the job it succesfully compiles and links. The price to pay is using
<linkflags>. I'm using tioolset=msvc (vc 8.0).
I was not very happy about that. I feel I'm very likely missing some better bjam idiom which would do
the job.
------------ this i sthe content of the Jamroot attached gile ------------------------------

path-constant BOOST_ROOT : F:/guido/env/tree/boost/boost_1_34_0 ;
path-constant BOOST_INSTALL_ROOT : F:/guido/env/tree/boost/install ;
path-constant ASIO_FLAT_ROOT : F:/guido/env/tree/asio/asio-0.3.7 ;
path-constant ASIO_BOOST_ROOT : F:/guido/env/tree/asio/boost_asio_0_3_7 ;

use-project boost : $(BOOST_ROOT) ; #by the way "use-project /boost : $(BOOST_ROOT) ;" better?

project timer1 :
  requirements <include>$(ASIO_BOOST_ROOT) <include>$(BOOST_INSTALL_ROOT)/include/boost-1_34 <library>/boost/date_time//boost_date_time <define>CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE ;
exe t1 : t1.cpp /boost//date_time : <linkflags>/LIBPATH:$(BOOST_INSTALL_ROOT)/LIB  ;

ECHO <linkflags>/LIBPATH:$(BOOST_INSTALL_ROOT)/LIB is needed how about some workaround ;