With V1, I used the following command line from my own Makefile to build

        @bjam -d1 "-sTOOLS=gcc" "-sGCC=$(CC_OPT)" "-sGXX=$(CXX_OPT)"

With V2, I realize I must replace the "-sTOOLS=gcc" with --toolset=gcc and
have done so.

But, my other -s usage seems to have lost its desired effect.  I used to
override the gcc and g++ commands with my own but now I can tell (using -d2)
that bjam is using "g++" and not my variant.

How can I get this "override the compiler command on the bjam command line"
behavior back?  Did the variable names change?

I've read all about the "using" thing in the config files but I don't think
that will work for me.  I don't know the command until the moment of bjam
invocation and so can't put them in a config file ahead of time.  I really
would prefer to specify the compiler command on the bjam command line.

I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.

Ryan Melville

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