Hi all,
Having problem to build  boost libraries on Windows Server 2003 SP1 system (but everything is fine on WinXP system).
Please see the log below:

E:\\boost>bjam -d+1 -d+2 -d+4 -a --toolset=intel --with-filesystem link=static release
...found 401 targets...
...updating 22 targets...
MkDir1 bin.v2

    mkdir "bin.v2"

Executing through .bat file
Executing command [cmd.exe] [/Q/C] [E:\boost_1_34_1\boost\tmp\jam7428-00.bat]
spawn: Permission denied

If I run this cmd line manually, it works.
I created my own executable with spawnvp() call with the same arguments - it works.

Also I tried to build BJam from sources, but the build fails with the same problem.

I really concerned what could be different using BJam code.
Any advice would be highly appreciated.