Thank you for answering my question. :)
Finally, I fixed this problem. I just downloaded both boost and boost-build, and move them to some folders. And I set $BOOST_ROOT and $BOOST_BUILD_PATH. However, the value of
$BOOST_BUILD_PATH wasn't right. So I changed it to path that exists in $BOOST_ROOT.
I mean boost library already had boost build v2. So I didn't need to download boost build library.
Anyway, thanks. :)
2007/10/7, Vladimir Prus <>:
κΉ€μ˜ν˜„ wrote:

> Hello.
> I'm a novice of bjam. After I installed bjam in my linux (ubuntu 7.04)
> box, I saw some significant error messages below.
> error: unable to construct  ./hello
> error: no generators were found for type 'EXE'
> error: and the requested properties
> error: make sure you've configured the needed tools
> See
> To
> debug this problem, try the --debug-generators option.

I think there's also message that no toolsets are configured. The URL above
describes how you can let Boost.Build know which C++ compilers you have.

- Volodya

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